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Twinkle Tea Bags Packaging

Twinkle Tea Bags Packaging

The Twinkle Teabag manufacturing machine model TPB-200 is the most advanced high speed teabag manufacturing machine on the market. It makes pyramid type as well as single chamber type teabag with thread and tag at a speed of 200 tea bags per minute. The machine is equipped with servo motor operated ultrasonic sealers, and a rotary volumetric feeder, both of which ensure stable quality and high productivity.

The TEB-200 enveloper can be connected and synchronized with the TPB-200, thus both machines are combined to make a highly efficient automatic teabag production line. The Twinkle teabag manufacturing machine was developed based on TSUBAKIMOTO’s 90 years of experience in the machinery industry, and state of art technology.


  • High speed machine (200 bags/min)
  • Automatic thread & tag attachment (Thread length maximum 145mm)
  • Highly efficient volumetric dosage feeder by touch panel
  • Faulty bag ejection by sensor monitoring
  • Ultrasonic sealer & cutter operated via the servo motors ensure stable sealing of filter material/thread/tag
  • A lengthy and continuous operation is possible as the tag paper, filter and thread will hold for a long time


Output :200 bags/min
Filter Materials :Woven & nonwoven ultrasonic sealable materials
Bag Size (A side length) :Drum A type : 55 x 55, 55 x 60
Drum B type : 55 x 60, 60 x 60, 60 x 65
Drum C type : 65 x 70, 70 x 70
Dosage :2.96 – 18.9 CC
Electricity :200V, 3-phase, 38kVA (Consumption)
Air Consumption :800NL/min. (more than 0.5MPa)
Net Weight :3,000KGS
Standard Accessories :Safety cover & automatic safety stop with alarm
Static electricity remover
End detectors for filter, thread & tag paper
Optional Accessories :Weight checker (data exchange with the machine)
Counting & stacking unit
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